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Published Aug 23th 2011 in

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Artist Yatin Patel Unveils Sutra in Downtown Orlando

Artist Yatin Patel hears creativity knocking, opens the door, paints the door, gold plates the hardware, buys all the doors around, then invites friends and the community to come through, too. Patel is creative.

He is degreed in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design. He created and continues to create successful internet companies. His latest creative expression utilized his passion photography which captured on digital media the series Sutra. Each print uses a set of 12 custom inks printed on large pieces of handmade Japanese kozo paper; a process that ensures each print will be exclusive.

He describes his favorite in the series “Eras” as, “organic growth and age, both in the buildings and the generations of people frequenting them. This shot, reflects the organic growth of architecture and intermingled spaces that has taken shape with time and accommodated needs of different generation of human and it pure. Each object in this space has its purpose at given point of time, some purpose might be obsolete but they co-exist.”

“This city I grew up in was built in 1400. You can see the layers where they built homes upon the older ones. This home I live in is historic by U.S. standards at 80 years old,” added Patel.

The artist himself is layered with intense variations of both old world with his urban Indian roots where he shot Sutra and his lakeside estate overlooking the downtown Orlando skyline. In the center of his home on the pool table, Patel has stacks of the prints neatly organized for exhibitions and shipping. Above the art, you see the deer head shot on Cole Whitaker’s ranch and the farmer’s market flowers he planted poolside. With his additional interests in painting, sculpting, rendering and music, the home flows with a creative spirit, much like the artist.

“Whether it’s a dot com, or my home, or my art, I am driven to success. I like creativity and perfection, that is what equals success,” Patel said.

The large-scale Sutra exhibition debuts in Orlando on Sept. 16, 2011 with an invitation-only, VIP Reception and opens for the general public Sept. 17 from 7 to 10 p.m. and Sept.18 from 1 to 6 p.m. For the remainder of the September, Patel has partnered with community-based organizations in Orlando to host fund-raising events that will allow them to collect 20 percent of the proceeds from the night’s event. The inaugural exhibition will be held at 120 North Orange Avenue in Downtown Orlando then will move to Miami’s Art Basel and internationally in 2012.

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