The creative spirit has always been a part of Yatin. Even his years spent developing successful business ventures across the globe were filled with creative outlets—from owning a design agency to designing his own homes to his latest form of artistic expression...

Yatin uses photography and a free-spirited shooting style to capture rare, often unseen perspectives. Then, through the use of custom inks, special hand-crafted paper canvases and a meticulous attention to detail, he brings the images to life, relying on tones and, most importantly textures, to tell a story.

With each new image, Yatin hopes to document the numerous balances taking place in society—the pure, peaceful coexistence of architecture, humanity and the surroundings. Each scene is an intimate, richly detailed reflection of these threads that define our cultures.

“What fascinates me is how, after thousands of years, the original environment and its habitants have organically evolved in time to find a delicate balance between tradition and modernism, without compromise. My work seeks to document this astonishing harmonious paradox. It is the spatial and intimate interconnection between architecture and mankind which matters to me.”

- Yatin Patel
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Philanthropy etymologically means "the love of humanity" - love in the sense of caring for, nourishing, developing, or enhancing; humanity

Yatin, who has always had a generous and philanthropic spirit, has decided create a platform to “give back”. Yatin’s passion for photography is now coupled with his wish to care for humanity has created this collection “Sutra”.

To begin with, Yatin started his Aids Awareness and Prevention (AAP) foundation in 2009. Through the sale of his artwork, his goal is not only to support the cause he believes in; but also raise awareness of art, culture and philanthropy for worthy causes. He strives to create a unique environment while providing a creative experience for all philanthropy causes as a platform to build awareness and funds. Learn more...

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