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“Sutra” Opening from Yatin Patel
Published Sep 22nd 2011 in
Did you see it? We did!

We previously blogged about the Photography Exhibition “Sutra” that showed this past weekend. We asked Photographer Yatin Patel some questions about his show including how the name “Sutra” came about, What his home town is like, and where else he plans to take Sutra.

Yatin Patel produced this body of work in 2009 and just recently in 2011 came up with the name “Sutra”, Yatin was looking for the perfect word to describe the meaning behind his work. He said that “Sutra” meaning: “a thread or line that holds elements together” represents the work seamlessly.

Yatin photographed his home town of Ahmedabad, and we asked him what that experience was like. He said : “I have personal connection there, growing up there, so I have seen this city grow up to be what it is today.”

Yatin had also said that he plans to make this exhibition a traveling show after its Orlando debut, so we asked what the first few stops would be, and it looks like he will be doing independent shows in conjunction with Art Basel in Miami and also during the Armory Show in New York City. Big time!

Yatin also informed us that during the time Sutra is up at the historic Arcade Building in Downtown Orlando, he has invited local organizations to use the space to have fundraising events to raise funds for their cause. Yatin’s goal is to engage the community with arts, culture and philanthropy and by offereing up this space and he’s doing just that.

Orlando Art – Sutra – Photography by Yatin Patel
Published Aug 16th 2011 in

We just got info for an Amazing photography show happening next month in Downtown Orlando.

Photographer Yatin Patel will be opening his solo show “Sutra” September 16th. Sutra is an exhibition with Large scale works from Patels journey through his hometown, Ahmedabad, India.

“What fascinates me is how, after thousands of years, the original environment and its habitants have organically evolved in time to find a delicate balance between tradition and modernism, without compromise. My work seeks to document this astonishing harmonious paradox. It is the spatial and intimate interconnection between architecture and mankind which matters to me,” – Yatin Patel

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard the word Sutra before. If you’ve never taken the time to look it up, the word “Sutra” has ancient sanskrit Indo-Aryan origins meaning “ a thread or line that holds elements together”, and Sutra perfectly describes Patels intricate and thought out series that shows the tie between the humanity, architecture, and culture of modern india.

In Sutra, Patel brings his images to life by using the HDR process to accentuate the detailed imagery. Not wanting to skimp on the details, Patel went to renowned printer Jon Cone who developed his own software to print the images, he also used special inks and paper, making this series of photos very unique.
v After it’s Orlando debut, the word is Sutra will be traveling internationally in 2012. Never let it be said that good things don’t start in Orlando.

Opening September 17th: 6:30 – 10:00 pm and,
September 18th: 1:00 – 4:00 pm