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Foyle Continues Quest to Give Back
Published on by Dan Savage

ORLANDO -- It turns out engaging in one charity program per day is simply not enough for Magic Director of Player Development Adonal Foyle.

After participating in an elementary school beautification project with the Magic staff earlier in the day, Foyle hosted an Autumn Arts Party to help raise funds for his Kerosene Lamp Foundation on Friday.

Watch Foyle read some of his poetry on

It was a memorable night for his charity, which uses basketball as a bridge to the next generation, promoting education and health awareness, providing free athletic and academic camps as well as mentoring at-risk student-athletes.

“It’s almost a forgotten thing; the student-athlete is one of those rare birds now,” Foyle explained. “We have demanded so much from an athletic perspective from our kids that we forget to give them balance. If Kerosene Lamp represents anything, it’s the balance that exists between sports and academia.”

The fundraiser, which took place at the Arcade building in downtown Orlando, featured the work of local photographer Yatin Patel, who through stunning life-sized prints, portrays the beautiful textural fibers that are woven into the environments of present day urban India.

The night was filled with dancing, drinks and a wide array of hors d'oeuvres as guests mixed and mingled with Foyle.

The former Orlando center capped off the night by reading his own poetry, which was inspired by Yatin’s photography.