Sutra - Printing Process Video
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Narrative form Jon Cone ..

"This particular methodology that I am using to produce Yatin Patel's prints on large sheets of handmade Japanese paper was designed specifically for that high contrast imaginary. I rejected the idea of printing black & white prints with color inks and invented a process in which many shades of black ink are carefully combined to produce a smooth gray transition from white to black. Using only one black ink does not have enough tonal response to convey a large range of tonalities.

For Yatin's imagery, I am printing using a bluish gray ink to carry the mood in the shadows. It peeks out from behind the blackest parts. I use a brown nearly as strong as tea in color. I have three shades of pure warm carbon that make up the bulk of the gray tones in the print. But, some orange ink, some greenish gray ink, and some purple gray inks are overlapped carefully to shift and split the gray tones so that the images appear to be rich and with considerable depth. These inks cannot be controlled by conventional methods. Follow Yatin on YouTube