Master Printer, Jon Cone
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Cone Editions Press founded in 1980 in Port Chester, NY as an experimental and collaborative printmaking studio, has been at the forefront of the digital print revolution since 1984. Its Master Printer, Jon Cone, has been producing imaginative and technically difficult editions for photographers, painters and sculptors through four decades, nearly mirroring the entire history of American Contemporary Printmaking.

Cone has been developing digital methodologies and workflow, which have enabled scores of photographers, imagers, digital service providers, and teachers to embrace the latest technologies with confidence and skill. Cone is considered to be the first pioneer of digital printmaking. Cone later went on to become IRIS Graphics Development and Marketing Partner for fine arts in the early 1990s, training an entire generation of Giclée printer makers. Cone has been the leading developer of archival inkjet and color management systems since the late 1990s. Cone invented the first quad-black inks and software system, which used “media” profiles in 1996. He was recognized in 1999 by Photo District News as the 1999 Digital Innovator of the Year for his pioneering monochromatic inkjet work for Iris Graphics. His Piezography®BW systems is now revolutionizing traditional darkroom printing just as his IRIS software and archival inks revolutionized the fine art printmaking industry in the 1990s.

The studio produced experimental print projects for painters Norman Bluhm, Stanley Boxer, Emily Cheng, Janet Fish, David Humphrey, Lester Johnson, Wolf Kahn, Archie Rand, and Carole Seberovski (amongst many others).

Jon was responsible for printing some of the most prestigious digital print exhibitions including Gordon Parks’ “Half Past Autumn”, Richard Avedon’s “In Memory of the Late Mr & Mrs Comfort: A Fable in 24 Episodes”, Diana Michener’s “Solitaire”, and David Bowies “Minotaur Series”. These four projects signaled a strong commitment to photographic printmaking. Jon Cone was Master Print for photographer Gregory Colbert’s Ashes and Snow projects in NYC. Cone developed several monochromatic printing methodologies to produce the gigantic prints of the Nomadic Museum that were exhibited in Santa Monica, Tokyo and Mexico City.